Dirty talk

funny vintage lady woman plants dirty garden leaves



Great Aunt Mildred practiced what she preached; she did talk dirty to her plants and those plants grew like crazy. She became known far and wide for having the greenest thumb and the dirtiest mind in the entire state of Kentucky.
She won metals and ribbons for her botanical achievements, eventually winning a Pulitzer Prize in literature for her best-seller “Pornography for Plants.”
Here she is posing with her prized Ayahuasca leaves, known for their Psychoactive qualities. Mildred was my favorite aunt. She was always in a great mood. I endeavor to be more like her everyday.


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tiny seedling plant




4 thoughts on “Dirty talk

    • You know you are not the only person who asks me about that. I do them on Facebook almost weekly. I should put more of them on here. Thanks for mentioning that Cathy and thanks for showing up. This blog needs some revving up for sure and I plan/hope to be posting much more frequently.

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