Peggy Lou and Brenda Sue



dance party girls vintage  photo by bericejg

These are my cousins Peggy Lou and Brenda Sue who were mildly notorious con women and jewel thieves who worked the circuit in Vegas during the 60’s. The two would infiltrate high society parties and chic soirees where they would rob the party goers blind of jewelry or anything of value then hide it in Brenda’s beehive hairdo.

The sisters did quite well until Brenda was bitten by an a rare Transylvanian parrot she was trying to smuggle out of a party thrown by Elton John and was never quite the same again.

The two then moved to Orlando, Florida where they sell sea shells down by the seas shore. If you ever see them there, tell them that I sent you and Brenda will let down her hair for you at half price, it’s quite an event I hear.


weird parrot


Elton John ~ Your Song (Youtube)

The Wild Parrots of Edgewater (


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