Serendipity 13

From the creator of Life Is Color 


An interactive triptoe through the psychedelic tulips.  A glorious romp through the unexpected. Boldly going beyond the barriers of good taste and reason solely to amuse, entertain and make merry.  Here we embrace the bizarre, the odd and the uniquely beautiful. 


art butterfly vintage woman

 A revolutionary way of blogging. A tour de force. An event that will forever change the way we look at blogs and bogging in general.


Join the dreamers, the rebels and the hedonistic fun seekers.


vintage beach fun people

This den of eclecticism requires no thinking whatsoever. Floating among the silliness there may be found deep veins of philosophy, music, poetry, elaborate conjecture and/or theorems of the scientific nature for those inclined. For the most part, if it’s weird or interesting or funny you’ll find it here. Enjoy it. Savor it with your morning coffee,  share it with your school chums.


play flappers-on-rocks-beach- vintage women fun

I guarantee to make you laugh, smirk, guffaw and/or eye roll.  It is my mission to spread happiness and joy and truth and beauty all with a slight edge of sarcasm.  Original content, hot and fresh from the lunatic fringe that is my mind.  Mixed with links and trippy finds from all over the web including the odd re-blog from time to time.


quote eye seek random rumi

Welcome to Serendipity 13 the only blog you’ll ever need to read

(except for my other one) 

I look forward to hearing from you and having some fun.  Seriousness is not required in fact it is discouraged. Please comment on whatever you want and see my about page for more details.

Nancy  (aka Strawberryindigo)

Nancy (aka Strawberryindigo)



gif flapper dance women vintage

 “I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious”





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